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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Boho is witty, whimsical and highly reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who embraces it. 

The bedroom is our most personal space — it’s where we let our hair down and our imagination loose. So if the real bohemian you is just dying to flaunt itself, me thinks the bedroom is a great place to start.

When styling a boho room, just let the gypsy in you rule
and be happy!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

If you have been reading me, or coming here for awhile now, most probably you already know how I adore the eclectic gypsy look, or boho chic style... 

If you are not familiar with such style, it simply means flowy skirts and dresses, vintage accessories, junk jewelry, crocheted, lace dresses, tops, hats, and bags, beads, fringe, lots of shawls and natural-crazy looking hair.  

Except during our hot summer days, I wear a lot of boots during spring, fall and winter....

Layers layers layers...
I love handkerchief hem skirts and dresses
paired with boots...

Breezy, lightweight, flowing skirts for summer 

Paired with floral bell-sleeve blouses

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair too!

When we visited Spain last year, street gypsies gathered around me trying to sell me their lovely shawls...  I bought one... or two!

This is my winter look.
Lots of layered skirts paired with my 70's
Stevie Nick's style boots...

I love this long fringed-sweater so much!

A key ingredient in boho chic style is comfort — you’ll see a lot of soft, loose-fitting, flowy clothes, often worn in layers. Maxi dresses (full-length, usually loose-fitting dresses) are a great example of the flowy comfort common to this style...

This flowy floral thrift store skirt is one of my favorites ever. On going through my stash of photographs the other day I found out that this skirt had travelled with me to more than one country round the world...

 In Israel this year

...and in Spain last year

(Did you noticed the guy reading beside me... an American for sure! haha)
Nobody ever wears shorts in Europe, except for tourists!
Even if it is in the midst of summer, please do not wear your shorts in Europe... 
Just saying ;)

This long fringed crocheted shawl on the photograph above is one of my favorite ever.  I use it almost every day during our mild winter days and lucky for me, it was a thrift store find!

 I also love jewelry...

At a flea market I always head for the junk jewelry table first.

Do you have an specific style you love, or certain clothes you like to wear, or see yourself going back to again and again?  I'd love to hear about it! 

Until the next time...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

I live in my own little world, but it's OK... they know me here!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

At a flea market I always head for the junk jewelry table first.
Love it!

"Jewelry and pins have been worn throughout history as symbols of power, sending messages. Interestingly enough, it was mostly men who wore the jewelry in various times, and obviously crowns were part of signals that were being sent throughout history by people of rank" (Madeleine Albright)

"Whether I'm making a recipe or a piece of jewelry or a white-rose-and-jasmine tea or the perfume, I like to think of myself as a happy little sorceress, and if I could just have a little general store with all that stuff and give people a sense of my taste, that would be lovely". Padma Lakshmi

I like jewelry. Big rings, weird necklaces. Old books, long flowy skirts, clean wild hair and open skies... I like the smell of rain, I like mornings and sunshiny days.  My heart is a bohemian wandering the earth.  Cielo~

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”  Roald Dahl

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The magic of rain...

We drifted off to sleep last night with the sound of rain and thunder. Rain came down in sheets, knocking on my window with a musical tin-tin-tin that drifted in through the walls, and windows on the wings of night. Like a lonely song, the echoes of the pattering raindrops lingered on. It felt good in a thousand ways, while the sounds of Nature quieted my spirit and relaxed my body deeper into the softness and comfort of white, puffy comforters and blankets. The last time we slept in our gypsy caravan we did so under a wild storm that brought down much rain and strong puffs of winds that sent sheets of rain this way, and that other way; rushing madly among the trees, and branches that under their wrath ever waited so meekly for the promises of the new day. It was glorious, and wonderful, being drifted off to sleep by such sounds. Inside the gypsy caravan we read, and browsed through the pages of favorite magazines, and savored mid-night snacks and drank sweet coconut milk. Our bed had the faint smell of rain and the lavender oil I had sprayed on pillows and sheets that afternoon. When we were ready for bed, we said our prayers and went to sleep. The sound of the rain soaking thoughts that sounded just like silence.