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Thursday, August 10, 2017

I am living the hours of my days in the garden—dreaming under green vines and roses.  Freely roaming my domains as I wish... in my dreams, I'm treading some old witch's tracks, amid brilliant flowers and long grasses, and far beyond the thicket there must be a shack... a witch's cottage crowned with evergreen leaves and decorated with a thousand beautiful flowers that perfume the air around...

Oh, let me take you into the dark green woods, like a 'mass of darkness', the ground overgrown by privets and trees of all sorts... a sanctuary for birds and the thrashers that scrape and graze the floors of this place that sometimes become a trail where little rushing rivers converge, and form and run down to the skirt of the garden to quench the wildflowers that grow there...

Are you a dreamer, a barefooted wanderer, a gypsy soul, a wood fairy with glittered soles?  You are not like everyone else, simply because you don't care about things... instead, your heart yearns for new places, people, and experiences that would inspire you to become greater in spirit, and live as freely as your heart loved?  Then we most be kindred... stay around, and tell me who you are! 

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