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Friday, July 22, 2016

The gypsy closet

I've been working on organizing my closet... have I already mentioned that?  ;)

I have replaced a lot of my old winter and black or grey conservative suits I used to wear, for a more lively, and colorful type of attire...

Clothes adequate for the hot hot summers of the south... but, of course, NO sleeveless nothing for me! ;)  I hate hate showing off my arms... ;)

What is it with these colors that I seem to favorite them so much lately?
I never had this amount of oranges and reds in my wardrobe, ever... 
it used to be black black... 
I am impressed with myself! ;)

I am pursuing my personal “color challenge”, I guess...
and have been buying a lot more colorful clothes than ever before.  
And I really like them!

As you can see, I bring my gypsy spirit even to my closet...

I have so much fun making my little cottage all my own by showing off my personality... each of the rooms in our little white cottage has an entire style of its own... modern, contemporary, Shabby Chic, Gypsy-Boho... even my closet gets to be unique in its own way... haha... boy, does that means I could be showing symptoms of a dissociative identity disorder?  Always knew it!  Cuc-koo ;)  

I have always preferred dresses and skirts to slacks and pants and such...  I love the feminine and elegant touch of French and Southern European women, but I also  favor the relax, bohemian style I so love... black is my favorite color when it comes to dressing, and it always will.   It is a great color, and always classy, but I'm learning that here in the south, it is best to wear it in the evening when I am wearing more make-up, and it isn't as hot.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed strolling my closet with me... hehe!

Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016