Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gypsy days

Days are warm and mellow
and there's a dreamy flowery scent hanging from the air...

Time to open up our gypsy trailer!
Time to make memories
under the sun... 

And braid my hair the gypsy way...  

So I fluffed up the gypsy trailer interiors
with color and clean fabrics... 

We wanted to get it ready before our real first trip of the season
So the other day, I got out all of my gypsy paraphernalia and decorated the walls
with colorful draped fabrics, pillows, beads, and roses... lots of roses  
I hung the thick colorful curtains
and gathered them off to either side of my sleeping quarters
 in several swooping loops.

And I went to play!

Fabrics and colors help represent wild, colorful lives of the gypsy heritage…

I brought in some roses from the house and some of my pretty candle holders for a dreamy mood...
The candles are battery operated for extra precautions
easy and carefree.


The little kitchen... ready for the preparation
of a real dinner

Our dinner table got embellished with
lush colors and rich textures
Books a plenty too!
We're so ready for our first camping trip of the season.
Got the trailer cleaned up
got all fabrics and curtains washed up
I am ready to go!!