Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For some inexplicable reason, I love original portrait paintings, those odd ones, painted by unknown artists… particularly fun is to hunt for them in thrift stores and second-hand shops… I’m always on the look for them…  if you get lucky, you’ll always find some of the best bohemian looking portrait paintings ever.    

On President’s day, this past Monday our local Goodwill had a 50% sale going all throughout the entire store… everything 50% off.  That’s when I went by, and discovered this beauty!

I was super lucky to have found her! 
And only for $3

I always love to give my newly found treasures a name, and always look for it on the back of the paintings, in case it already came with one.  This particular canvas I just found was enclosed in some sorts of a removable wood frame… pretty, but I like the simpler canvas look better.  So, I removed the canvas from the frame, and that’s when I found the name of the girl in the painting...  

Jennelle!  Her name is Jennelle.  

Although the portrait is a little bit dark for my taste, and I would have preferred some livelier colors instead, I think she’s still beautiful, and it goes perfect in my gypsy room!

Monday, February 19, 2018

The land has been immersed in deep, deep cold.  All I can do now is look outside the window and wish, and dream and dream and wish away my days in flowers.

I’m trying out all the pretty fabrics that my bloggy reader-friend Barbara send me, and this week the sofa in my little bohemian-gypsy room is wearing the lovely peacock fabric with glitter all over it… 

It looks so pretty!

Friday, February 16, 2018

She walked forward to the melody of branches and leaves crunching beneath her feet. Leaves to ash, ash to soil, repeating until the Earth took its last breath... 

The smell of sweet decay lingered, reminding her of life instead of death, of a world that had the courage to begin again, of a soul that could shed its leaves fearlessly without the fear of becoming nothing. 

She closed her eyes and continued her pace, imagining what it would feel like to be in those woods, just as she had imagine what the meadow would feel like. A feeling of solitude crept in, and with it came the comfort of being hidden like a small child playing hide-and-seek, only she was both the seeker and the one who was hidden.

She walked with the specter of Adam guiding her amongst these souls, standing tributes to perpetual destruction and rebirth, and she felt at home. Just for a moment.

You’ve awakened to your purpose, haven’t you? Yet you’re still asleep while you’re acting it out. Have you got a purpose?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday morning... and after a coffee date at Starbucks early this morning with my lover, the ‘Fisherman’, I am here in my gypsy room immersed in some beautiful fabrics and embroidered Indian cloths that are just gorgeous… and all, sent to me by my friend Barbara Andino.  THANK YOU, my friend!  I love them, and I'm so thankful for thinking of me!

Some of these fabrics are so long, and beautiful that I’m sure they could be used as a sari… if only I could figure out how to wrap them around my body! 😉 

The sari is the symbolism of Indian femininity… it is said, it was born on the loon of a fanciful weaver.  He dreamt a ‘woman’, the drape of her tumbling hair, the colors of her many moods, the shimmer of her tears, the softness of her touch… all these he wove together.  He couldn’t stop.  He wove for many yards.  And when he was done, the story goes, he sat back and smile and smiled and smiled…  and that's how the sari was born...  

Imagine wearing these beautiful outfits and jewelry everyday…  isn't this type of clothing the loveliest of apparels ever!

For now, I’m using my fabrics here in my gypsy room...

...but as soon as spring arrives and our gypsy caravan is ready to be reopened again, this is where they will go… I can’t hardly wait to see what I’m going to do with these lovely fabrics in my gypsy caravan!

Spring is almost in the air… I can already sniff it, and my heart is starting to get afire with all these thoughts I have of spring and what I want to see and do in my garden!  Are you ready for spring?  Dreaming with flowers too?  Do share!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

People ask me why I keep changing things in my house so often and so radically, and perhaps it all has to do with the emotions that are controlling me these days?

I need to be busy, be occupied in something I love.  Our nest is clean and organized, and I can only do so much outside for now... 

To reconnect with my inner peace, I decorate and redecorate.  My little gypsy room has been the scapegoat of all this craziness going on inside me… this is where I spend a lot of time playing with pretty things... and changing things around again again and again…

I had forgotten that when we went to Israel last summer I had brought home with me a lovely assortment of silk scarves that I'm using for different purposes around the house, because they are so big and lush and colorful and pretty!... now, they are embellishing this sofa!

This little corner here is my favorite... 

I love going through pages and pages of home and garden books sitting on the floor...

Plants make me so happy...  so I keep pilling them up!

Every time you see pictures of this couch and this room, I have changed everything about it.  But I think they all look beautiful.

Today, I brought a dead tree from the garden in here... it is to be my magical tree now, and I have embellished it with fairy lights and whatnots...  I will be showing it to you later so I won't bore you.  In the meantime, I will keep busy thinking of whatever else I can do here to keep my sad little heart happy, until the sun comes out again and much needed warmth fills the earth with mirth and joyfulness again...

See you soon my friend!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Changes in the gypsy room!

Today, January 13, I decided to toned down a bit my GYPSY ROOM What’s with me, you may ask!  Well, I don’t know! ;)

The thing is, I can crave and love crazy colorful things and a room overfilled with stuff one day, and almost immediately my mind will turn around and I’ll have to go back to muted colors and a less cramped room.   

So, I put some things away, and changed furnitures around...

I decluttered the room a little bit, swapped the teals and orange colors for black and white and added a small black and white area rug I really love...

I also moved favorite princes and princesses to another wall and put some others away…

My favorite boy stays, of course! ;)

I kept the orange dresser for a pop of color...
A embroidered shawl on top makes it look prettier!

I also changed the flowery orange curtains for some sheer plain white panels with cute tassels on the trim.  I love them so much!  Simpler and soothing to the eye!

Can't wait to fill vases with real roses from the garden!

I should name this girl with long braid here... but what?
She's so pretty!
Vintage, eclectic, and so bohemian!
My most recent thrift store treasure...

Hand with gypsy rings and gypsy girls!

I added a new live plant and will be bringing in more...
I want a Prayer plant, a Rubber tree plant and an Areca palm
and and and...

My favorite room may be a little less interesting now; perhaps a bit more boring, but I prefer it this way!  OK, for now anyways! ;) 

I had some colorful gypsy fabric covering this small dresser, but I think I like it better without it.  It is white and gray, the top is covered in a patterned fabric in the same colors, and it matches with the overall atmosphere of the room.

The good thing about my mood changing decorating folly is I can always redecorate this room as much as I want, any time I want! Oh, I think we should all have a room in our house designated just for ourselves!  Even if it is a tiny corner where we could play! Don’t you think so!

Ciao bellas!