Sunday, February 3, 2019

On Friday, we did something really crazy...
We went some place, and sold our gypsy caravan..

I’m not going to lie to you, selling our dear gypsy caravan wasn’t easy. Having to say goodbye to a lifetime of memories was heartbreaking. We have traveled far and wide in our gypsy caravan, we have made so many memories from its cozy rooms, planned so much, made so many connections, dreamed so much in it...

From the warmth of its colorful interiors we have laughed, hugged, daydreamed, and even cried. We moved from one side of the country to the other taking with us our gypsy caravan, she was our family, our home and our place to shed our tears at night during that difficult time.

From the coziness of our colorful and magical gypsy caravan we have listened to the enigmatic voices of the night under thick warm blankets, we have woken up to glorious mornings, listened to the rain falling on the canvas roof, and tasted the real taste and smell of daybreak. Our souls have been filled with spiritual satisfaction here, the glories only revealed at midnight have been made ours from inside our gypsy caravan, as we became one with Nature in so many ways. We were the rivers we bathed in, and the trees we rested under, my hair had held the scent of the wildflowers, and my skin the color of the sarsaparilla in summertime. So much so much…

But alas, nothing stays the same it all gets crushed. It all gets broken. It all passes with time. Only the moment you're in has any meaning. Even magic fades too fast! And thus, we decided to sell the gypsy caravan... Oh, but of course, we could never never say goodbye to this, or this, or this!...

So what we did? We bought a new trailer! A real gypsy caravan this time, where you don't have to fold your blankets and pillows and put them away any more and where you can leave your bed and tables up all the time and nothing would have to be folded up or put away and folded down into a box!

The beds would not have to be folded down and pulled in or out either when it’s time to make camp or dismantle.  The top won’t have to be cranked up manually and no more poles to hold the tent up over the bunks or beds.  I’m so excited!

We have bought a few necessities to organize things in the trailer, and I can't hardly wait to start decorating it.  I have so many ideas of what I want to do there and how I want to decorate it!  But I need to be patient and wait a little longer, because as we will be parking it on one side of our house, a new gate will need to be installed first and part of the yard will have to be expanded too to make it fit.  We have already hired someone to do the job, but it won't happen until next week.  So exciting!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Take this as a gift from a crone to a maiden, and know there is not so much difference between the two. For even a tottering granddam keeps a portion of girlish heart, and the youngest maiden a thread of old woman’s wisdom... 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

I bought a new bed-cover for our upstairs bed last week... 

Which, it really is not a bed-cover at all, but a tablecloth made bed-cover by me; simply, because I like it a lot in my gypsy room, and because it looks really cute on the bed and I really love the colors and flowery design so much! So alas, a tablecloth bedspread it is!

A few days before this, I had rearranged and moved things around in the room.  The little orange dresser and bed were moved to the opposite wall, which in turn left this other wall looking too emptied and totally out of character compared to everything else around the room.

So I decided that the black and white mandala I had hidden somewhere in the house was the magic touch I was after... and thus, I covered that wall with it, which in turn it made me want to go back to using the black and white patterned bedspread previously used on the bed before the tablecloth-bedspread came by... I just thought it matched so much better. Buah! So complicated, right! ;)  Oh but it looks so pretty now!

It was an instant change!

I like the little orange dresser placed on this wall so much better now!

Hum, more fairy lights in this corner, please!

On Tuesday, I went on a treasure hunt and found some super lovely things for my super lovely favorite room—a tall flower vase that I really like, including the awesome large silk flowers that came with it, all in the most incredible colors one could ever find!  Colors, in the same exact shades of my gypsy room, maroons, oranges, and cream.

I love them so much! Particularly because of the stem that sticks out, in imitation of the painting behind it.

I also found this pretty tulle dress in the same maroon color... a dress I won't be using ever, by love to use as part of my decorations...

...I also found this cute orange lampshade that matches so well with everything else here; like if it was meant just for this room!  Just had to have it, you know!  Oh dear!

A few embellishments on lamp and vase in the form of beads, old jewelry, lace ribbons and a couple of silk flowerets to bequeath my own personal flair to it, and I just love how everything looks here!

The only problem now is, I’ve run out of space to decorate and I'm feeling somewhat trapped… which means I won’t be able to continue on collecting pretty things any more, due to the fact that I don’t have another room in the house where to put them.  I simply won't permit the crazy maximalist collector part of my soul to do as it pleases and fill the house with unnecessary things.  One room is enough, right?  Oh, I’m sure I’d be a hoarder if I don’t control myself.  And that’s such scary thought.

Oh yes I want to make more Frida canvases and art work for my walls, and I want more fairy lights here more pillows more flowers more books and such, but I just can’t.

On Wednesday I mustered enough courage to go out into the garden and had a lovely super-fast little stroll that gave me an idea of how things are doing there.  

Hard to believe that by this time last year, I had already started working outside, but I don’t feel as doing that yet this early in the year.  I worked so hard last year and because I left everything more or less looking perfectly well out there before winter came around, I don't have to work as hard this time, and thus I will wait for sunshine to melt every inch of snow before I get out there, or before I start to see the first tulip heads crowning the ground, enticing me to work outside.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Boho fashion » bohemian style » gypsy soul » festival » living free » elements of bohemia » wanderer » love of fringe » bohemian dresses + skirts » free spirit » boho chic, I love everything about this style.  You?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Necklaces and pendants, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings and birthstone jewelry...  I love them all!

I call this amalgamation of trinkets and charms my “gypsy jewelry”, simply because they’re cheap and because they possess no other value than the value my own body and personality bequeath them every time I wear them.

If they jingle the way they jingle, or if they move or dance or change color this way or that other way, it is totally because of me, and the magic that flows from me, and not because of the jewel in itself; it is because of how I embody my femininity or how I move and take and conduct my life… so they’re like a magical bunch only I could give it life… and so is with you, and you and everyone of us.  Nobody is like us, everyone is unique and we all posses our own king of magic...

Each individual is unique because there is nobody else like him. Comparison would have been right if we all were alike; but we’re not.  Even twins are not absolutely alike; it is impossible to find another soul who is exactly like you.  Thus, no jewel no pair of shoes no dress or skirt or hair style are always going to look the same on everyone; not even the food we make taste the same, even when everything is the same.  Isn’t that such an amazing thought!

Do you like shiny, sparkly, glittery things?   I do! I love all sorts of girly blings and sparkly things...  but jewelry isn't just good for dressing up an outfit, you know... it can also serve for dressing up a bedroom, or a bathroom, like I do around my house!

I like to display my gypsy jewelry in unusual and unconventional creative ways. Like stacked on a broken old lamp found in a dumpster!

Or placed together on a vintage plate, or hanging from a tarnished teapot or an old vintage cup...

Add some lace and silk roses to your vignette and in an instant you'd had created a lovely spot that will bring much happiness to your heart.  Little things, small things, unimportant and inexpensive things are always the best to me!

Be happy, be cheerful, be you!  Nobody is exactly like you, so go out into the world and bewitch them all with your uniqueness and own special magic!

Hasta pronto!