Monday, January 7, 2019

Saturday morning—the first Saturday of the year.  It is cold and gloomy, and I’m sitting by the fire dreaming about those Saturdays of years past in the south—those warm sunny winter Saturdays; and the mid-winter flowers.  How precious were those flowers of mid-winter!  Not the hot-house things, nor even the forced geranium clumps birthed by the warmth of the tall windows, but the genuine toughs that for some strange reasons elected to display themselves out of doors at this time of year. 

But here is finally winter… winter with its biting, whining wind, and all the land mantled with snow.  People ask me what I do in winter when there's no roses to tend.  I'll tell you what I do. I hide in my gypsy room, and wait for spring there.

I simply love this room. It has elements of Shabby Chic and eclecticism, mixed with an artistic and theatrical flamboyance that has nothing to do with trends.  It is a bit crowded, a bit colorful, a bit feistier than any of the other rooms in the house, and I just love it! It is my most personal space and the place where, as some may say, you can always let your hair down and your imagination loose!

Last month when we were visiting Puerto Rico I discovered the most amazing bohemian store in Old San Juan.  I couldn't resist bringing home with me one or two of their beautiful and some of my favorite keepsakes ever Frida pillows!

There are so many different ways to take a plain wall and fill it to the brim!

And what else is one to do if you keep stumbling upon the sweetest paintings ever!  Like this one here in absolute harmony with my pillows!

Love my lamp all decorated with beads and gypsy jewelry!

Today at Barnes and Nobles I was reading The New Bohemians Handbook by Justina Blakeney where she offers some wonderful insights on how to create a bohemian home.  Blakeney shares that her spirit animal is the panda bear. As a kid, she filled her room with panda bear posters, and their distinct markings and love of bamboo inspire her to fill her interior with a similar vibe.  Now, I don't know whatsoever the 'animal spirit' thing is, or means, but if it has something to do with loving a particular creature from the animal kingdom more than the rest of them is, then mine would have to be definitely the owl!

Another of my favorite paintings on my gallery wall is this curly haired girl with glasses here, which, it is actually not a painting, but just a plastic bag I got from a store in Italy.  I like it so much, I framed it!

Boho is witty, whimsical and highly reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who embraces it. In its way it is an antistyle, but at its heart is a love of art, color, contrasts, creativity, travel, adventure, the past and, above all, freedom from convention. 

Are you a boho girl too?

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