Thursday, October 6, 2016

The gypsy room

I am a 'changing' kind of a girl when it comes to my decorating style.  My individual styles are always growing and evolving.  When things are too bright and colorful in my house, I tend to crave the cool muted color palette, and again, when my style goes too bland, or too monochrome, I crave color.  So a room can never stay the same for too long in our house.  This is how my favorite room of the house looks right now...

...and this is what I'm envisioning now:  A more subtle, more calming room: The eclectic, vintage-inspired look of the Urban Outfitters I so love.  So, this is the beginning.  Soon, my colorful gyps room will be looking much more like this.  Love it!

Love the idea of mixing window panels... lace and sheer.  So pretty!

 And how about this for a cool backdrop – just tape your images straight to the wall 

Have to have a mood board!

And one or two fur pillows...

A huge plant by the bed...

A medallion duvet cover of some sorts in a muted palette...

A black, white Mexican southwest area rug

A large floor mirror and a black, white wall tapestry...

Love the hats on the wall idea!

Stay tuned, and come back soon to see the transformation!


  1. I love you boho room and hate to see it go. It has given me inspired me to add color to my home.

  2. Even though I love the current look of your gypsy room, I understand the desire to change and try something different. Change is good or how else would we know what we truly love. The new look has a calming winter look to it.