Sunday, August 14, 2016

It is true... one of the great things about getting older, is gaining the confidence and freedom to dress how we want.  I've always said that I admire women who aren't afraid to express themselves through what they chose to wear. There is something redemptive and freeing in the act of not dressing for others.  But.... life is composed on limits, is it not?  There are limits to everything, and when it comes to age, I believe we ought to draw a pretty defined line on how we want to portray ourselves onto the world.  Right?  

Is this the fashion of the free-spirited affluent, 
or just street clowns? 

That amount of patterns blows my mind...  And is that a garbage bag on her head? And what's with the pinkish chunk of hair and huge glasses?... Nope!

Is 'that' a guy or a gal in the Medieval Viking attire?  

Are they members of a gypsy circus?  

Why some people crave that amount of attention over themselves it escapes my imagination.  Even worse when they're past a certain age.  Trying to dress in styles that would be more appropriate for someone much younger it's not even the point here.  It is the ridiculousness what baffles me.


  1. Oh, I find these less ridiculous than the main stream fashion or street wear, when ripped jeans shorts are called 'cute'. Most of these items I wouldn't put on, but I like everything colorful... And I was wondering what is 'the certain' age nowadays when you need to stop living your life as you like it...

  2. I see confident, defiant women, comfortable in their own skin...awesome post...! Thanks, Sandi

  3. While I agree with you on the ridiculous look of these outfits and would never choose the look for myself, I applaud these women for wearing and looking how they choose. My father used to tell me that women should cut their hair when they get older. My response was always Dear Abby and Emily Post will not dictate how I look. I am 65 and love long flowy skirts and pretty shawls. None of my friends share my taste and sometimes I think they questions my judgment. I happen to think that skin tight dresses and tops low enough to see you belly button are trashy looking, but if a women thinks this is her best look then it's her business not mine.
    A lot of room for discussion on this subject. Love this post.