Sunday, March 20, 2016

The past is passed

Often, throughout my days... 
I just have to be reminded...


  1. Hi Cielo...l loved popping in and catching up on your fabulous bohemian style. l especially enjoyed seeing your gypsy bedroom décor. l hope you have lots of wonderful travels in your gypsy caravan:-)

  2. How lovely to have you drop in at LAWN TEA, and what a sweet compliment! I didn't know which of your blogs is your principal one (I have three, and two are sadly neglected, languishing for attention, like those dusty-board old houses way off in a field). So I'm delighted to have picked this one first---the pictures and words on your sidebar are simply charming, and I suppose this is your own free-spirited self with that glorious hair, lifting your wings to whatever breeze will carry you to the best adventures.

    One of my absolutely favorite teenage books (after Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes) was a wonderful one called NAN OF THE GYPSIES, and it took me far, far into an exotic and exciting country not my own (though it was all set in the USA, I surmise; just the words and descriptions and the wild wonder of the young man's life and travels carried me far from my ken). Nan, whose demure upbringing and cultured manners were exactly what our Mamas strove for, and in some cases, sadly missed, was a beautiful young lady who met a dashing young Gypsy man (if memory called up in the past five minutes serves, his name was Peter, and he was of course handsome and courteous and of a not-quite-acceptable culture and family---absolute book-candy to our sixth-through-tenth grade yearnings.

    She seemed OUR age, and even when they married, with Nan in a whirl of exquisite colourful scarves and him in what I seem to remember as an elaborate bolero jacket---it seemed quite matter of course, even though I think she may have been not-quite-eighteen (swoonings from our whole gaggle of girl-readers).

    We all fell limply into our girlish beds when they whirled away into the future in that brilliantly-painted caravan; our childish minds gave not the first thought to cramped quarters or baths or washing dishes. It was ROMANTIC and beautiful and I've never forgotten it. Can't find even a mention of it on Google, so it must not have impressed many as it did us.

    Must get me back to our little doings---one GRAND is here for three days for Spring Break, and we've taken our own tiny break from each other, after dashing home through the rain from the grocery store---there's just something about getting into a warm dry T-shirt and a pair of old flannely pants after you've been out in a Spring storm.

    Looking forward to delving into all your lovely adventures!


    PS I'd bet a nickel that the best part of the SOUNDS post was the far-off train traveling through the night.

  3. So true, hard to do thanks for the reminder! Love the music, what is the name?
    Have a great day and week, Celeste,

    1. Hi... the music is called "Gypsy Dance", from Javier Navarrete.

      Thanks for stopping by,