Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My tribe...

Is anyone out there?  Anyone?  Really... I always have to wonder about that when I come here.  And maybe... maybe that's just the way it should be?  'Cause feeling all alone in this vast universe called "the Internet" sorts of gives me what it takes to just be... I mean be the real person I truly are.  With all my true colors and quirky flaws. But just in case people do exist out there and you happen to be one among them surfing this space outside my window, I'd like to think it is no coincidence.  We are kindred, and you identify with what you see here.  After all, you know how the saying goes.... "your vibe attracts your tribe".  And that's so true! 

I'm glad you are here my friend!


  1. I am happy to see you here friend.

  2. Absolutely !! Love your blog, I have used this same poster many times before,
    I am Celeste at
    visit me sometime, take care !