Saturday, September 20, 2014

The gypsy room

Autumn has not shown its full-true face around here yet, but days have that sleepy, golden look they get just before summer slips over the edge of the world.  I am excitedly waiting for those magical October days.  In the mean time, I'll keep my watch from the comfort of my own little gypsy room...

wishing, dreaming 
and hoping and thinking 
and dreaming... dreaming each night with Autumn's charms..


  1. You have created a home with romantic touches everywhere, and I like all your photos in this post. Plus the photos on your side bar. October is on its way.

  2. Such a happy blog with amazing photos.

    You might see if you can locate the movie video that is called Lancho Draum (sp?). I saw it about 30 ish years ago on the big screen in San Francisco, but found it at Block Buster years later and watched it on TV. One of my favorite movies and all bout Gypsy culture. IT is mostly about how the music and dance of the Gypsy unites them all together down through generations and when they have barriers in language the music unites them as they meet up with different gypsy groups or tribes in different geographical areas. I too love Gypsies and used to attend a large Christian congregation @ a Gypsy Church in the CA bay area. You can go to YouTube and look up Gypsy churches and click on them to hear the amazing worship music by the gypsies. There are some amazing Romni congregations in Sacramento CA and their worship music is amazing. I am thinking you will love it.