Sunday, November 3, 2013



Midway between Nashville and Paducah, our Gypsy Caravan found a wonderful oasis—out looking the tranquil waters of Lake Barkley. Glorious fall colors celebrated the evening and swathed the camp with a magical sense of being lifted up in the arms of some wonderful and restful dream... dusky light played with trees and danced atop unruffled waters which reflected all the calmness and glory of the colors of the vegetation surrounding it. It was drizzling when we got there, and the place felt so quiet—a certain nostalgic aura emanating from soft rain. But soon, the sky cleared off and it stop drizzling and all of a sudden I heard the most joyful and extraordinary sound ever—the laughter of children at play.
I went out looking for that laughter, and found it, and joined it—joint the children in their happy dance atop the huge trampoline—dreams in the air, hearts aglow; united in laughter and purity and true joy.
Wasn't Jesus ever so perfectly accurate and so profound in his words when he said "truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it?” Truly amazing indeed!


Later, we cozied up in the lovely and perfect warmth of our Gypsy Caravan, got our books out, got my magazines and candles... warmed up my sleeping quarters with the warmest and softest winter llama blanket, got my brown fuzzy bear pillow; got my pink tool box-makeup case ready for the following morning and put on my comfy PJ's.  
I felt like a child in my happiness and foolishness and innocence.
We dined on burritos, cinnamon raising toasts and hot cocoa.
Wonderful lovely night watching episodes over episodes of "Jericho" in our iPod and writing my memoirs.

It was a wonderful and magical thing being lullaby to sleep by the wild songs of coyotes.

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  1. I am a bit confused at where your HOuses in the Roses was and where you are traveling to live now? Your journey reminds me of ours 13 yrs ago when we drove from California to Kansas City to live for 18 months. We drove through NV, Utah, WY, NE, CO. KS and into MO. in a mini van with our four little children. It was an adventure! I loved WY reminded me of Out Of Africa with all that wide open land and trains. We actually were lucky enough to see wild horses running along the side of the freeway. That was amazing. I pray traveling mercies for you. xo