Thursday, July 18, 2013

Release the Autumn Gypsy,
O golden harvest moon
She longs to paint the season,
Rich in festive ornate hues
Jack Frost comes to play for her,
a cheery little tune and dance with Autumn Gypsy,
beneath the harvest moon
She'll play her Spanish fiddle and sing folksongs
tonight she’ll dance the Flamenco beneath the pale moon light
For tomorrow brings the close to another harvest season
her work here is complete without sorrow she’ll be leaving
Tis a gypsies life of travel to and fro never staying long,
but working as we go
A culture rich with lessons, music, dance and folksong
and families that bond together down the roads they travel on
Release the Autumn Gypsy
 O golden harvest moon
 Its time to paint the season for the Gypsy leaves here soon
(Written by Arcticbreeze)

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful poem, Cielo. Loved it.... xoox laurie