Sunday, June 23, 2013

Roaming the Wildlands

Roaming the earth in our gypsy caravan off we went... another trip; another wish satisfied as we wandered off the earth; over the wild sides—drifting away beside deep precipices, and gravel road and mountain edges on the boundaries of the periphery in our gypsy caravan. 

We had a day full of wildlife and bird viewing. Finally, we settled into our lovely encampment...

Because our gypsy caravan it really is a tent trailer, which means that thing have to be taken down and put up again time after time, nothing is always the same here. There is always a different feel to it, a different luster and sheen.

Candles, bling and shimmer and lovely textured fabrics with a bit of sparkle; things that help represent the wild, colorful lives of the gypsies of old.

I love the flowery background I chose for this trip; exotic and on the wild bohemia side... and I love the luster and beautiful reflections these new candles throw to the overall atmosphere of the gypsy caravan...

These candles come in lovely glass jars, and the best part—they are flameless battery operated candles.  No worries, no need for a flame or match...just two AAA batteries (included).  Found at TJ Maxx.

I added some long strands of beads around the veils.... this is actually a small party curtain I found at Hobby Lobby.  Love how they add sparkle and sound to the tent...

The view from our 'master bedroom' window wasn't as great as on our last trip, but once you came down to the lake this is what you got....

And the river...

Back at our camp... in our living room.

Our fridge and some of the food in it...

The fisherman...

And master chef

Our fabulous kitchen table
Cool clear water... so marvelous and transparent it almost looked as if there were no water at all. 

Some stars must had fallen down from heaven onto the water... see them shimmering above the waters? I never did notice how lovely light was playing on the edge of the water until some time later I saw these pictures.  They haven't been retouched in any way... that is just how the sun was shining on the water... lovely.

Love the abundance of wildflowers in this place
Oh, and I just had to show you my hippie groovy peace symbol necklace!
Make love, not war!


  1. Hi Cielo,
    I'm loving your Gypsy Caravan too! I'm thinking our Pop-up trailer needs a makeover. Thank you very much for such an awesome idea! Have a cool summer!

  2. How beautiful your blog is! I'm in heaven looking at pictures of your "caravan". Glad to have found you as well! :)

  3. Hi Cielo! I am so glad that you are continuing to blog --- and are taking us all along on this fabulous journey you're on! I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all your photos of Yellowstone, your sweet campsite, and your even sweeter gypsy caravan! I can hardly wait to see where you end up next! :) Love, hugs, and safe travels to you, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie