Friday, May 17, 2013

The gypsy caravan!  It's camping, but with style. i.e. glamour camping. 
And if you know me, everything is better when done with a little flair.

 Real dishes. Bed linens, not sleeping bags.

And of course, I had to have some roses too...

Luscious fabrics;

a cute chandelier and some more baubles and bling

for extra romance and fun...


I'm in love. Seriously. Madly. Deeply.

Here are just a few shots of "The Cove"—our campgrounds last weekend...

soon after we arrived we we're enveloped by dusk...


The lake just a few steps from our trailer...
smooth and quiet
 as the earth prepared for a deep slumber.

And then... night.
The many wild animal sounds
Some familiar nocturnal noises,
such as the hoot of an owl or the sporadic chirping of crickets,
but also... the unidentified sounds after darkness
enveloping the land ever so mysteriously...

Safe inside... so lovely.
More soon! 
Hope you enjoyed our 'little' trip!

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