Saturday, September 5, 2020

We drove up and up seeking higher mountains. Zigzagging through winding roads we drove all the way to “deer” campground—the campground where deer ramble about freely... or used to, but they were not. For this year, none was found. Except for the large crows, not a bird of prey either like it used to be... and the campground felt so emptied and void of splendor without the beautiful presence of these creatures.

This campground had always been notorious for the amount of wildlife. We even had a beautiful red fox visiting our campsite last year. It sat very closed from where we stood and it stayed there for a long, long time... just there, as if dreaming or pondering on some deep thoughts. It felt so peaceful. But everything felt so different and strange this year. For this is the year of the great calamity and this is the year of the angel of death, and perhaps, somehow our wildlife knows that something is very wrong in the world of humans and they want to stay away? They must be aware too, I supposed, of something else coming... something we humans can’t see, or fathom, but they do. And thus, they’ve fleet.

It seems to me, that even the animal world has taken a different course this year, and as this terrible virus keeps taking human lives, something sinister has descended upon our earth and it has been affecting humans as well as nature and other forms of life too—our animals, our trees and our flora and even our waters.

Our gypsy caravan, however, felt wonderful... comfortable, colorful and just gypsy sweet!

Eating our breakfast in the early morning in the comfort and cozyness of our gypsy caravan
it always is so good... so perfect so dreamy!


The Fisherman is the guy in charge of washing the dishes... 

I force myself to put on a little bit of make up so I won't scare people away, 
and I'm done!

Don't even have to comb my hair... 

...just be who you are, witchie look or not!


We walked and rode our bikes that evening, and I found a little gift left behind by some awesome soul for me to find...

The following day, I found yet another one! I adore it!

I can’t explain exactly why I always seem to find these little gifts; I have an eye for it, I guess, because I have an eye for nature and these little gifts stand out from nature in very obvious ways, so I find them... and they are like little blessings to me; or little joys to my soul when I find them and bring them with me like the precious treasures they are.

I also went searching for treasures in nature and found these amazing branches covered in moss. I’m planning on placing them on a pot and displaying them just as they are. The lady at the quaint little souvenir store in downtown, by where we had coffee this morning keeps two large pots filled with them at the entrance of her shop, and I love how they look, along with the many other beautiful flowerpots she keeps all around. They bring such joy to the place!


This is such bohemian town and I love that the campground is just miles from it, and from the lake and many other local shops that you can always visit.

The sun never came out on our second day, but for a little moment in the afternoon, and it was cloudy, and the atmosphere carried a hint of a pink haze in it. We walked down to the lake in the morning and it was quiet and precious, and the lake seem phantasmagoric and far away under the pink haze light.


...the gypsy caravan in evening light...


The only thing that steal from us a little bit of this joy it was that the Fisherman lost his reading glasses somewhere in that beautiful area where we sat down to enjoy the view of the lake while enjoying our coffee. We looked and looked around and asked people at the shops if someone may had found them, but nobody did. I felt sad for him

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